About Us

Montague Asset Management LLP is a Consultancy that provides strategic property advice to assist property owners to maintain and enhance returns from their commercial, residential or farmland property holdings.

We have over 45 years experience of the East of England property market which provides us with an outstanding knowledge of the Region. We are therefore able to offer property owners a comprehensive advisory service designed to address the opportunities and challenges of today’s property markets.

Our services cover all aspects of property ownership and we offer advice for:

  • Commercial and residential investment property
  • Commercial and residential development opportunities
  • Farmland and corporate land holdings
Our Consultancy Service will appeal to a range of property owners and organisations;

  • Property Investment Companies
  • Pension Funds and Institutions
  • County and Local Authorities
  • Major corporate land owners
  • Banks and receivers
  • Land owners

Our Consultancy Service can also offer advice to property agents and professional advisors where greater in-depth property knowledge and experience is required.
We respect existing client/agent relationships and our service can be viewed as “top up” advice. Our Service will appeal
to a range of property advisors including;

  • Agents and Surveyors
  • Architects and similar professional advisors
  • Lawyers and Accountants